A knife is an important gadgetvat home for the different ways it’s used for. Without the knife the utensil are incomplete. This important gadget however require to be sharped in order to achieve its aim. With a sharp knife in the kitchen or around the dining table its use cannot be undermined from preparing the main food to cutting the piecwdvat the high table. Whether using the electric, manual or any other form of sharpening it is good to do it when the knife is dry this impacts well when the edges are sharpened. Keeping the blade dry also eliminates short circuit that may be exaggerated by water.

With the use of a knife it requires to be sharped regularly depending with its use. Kitchens with variety of food to prepare and cook means the knife is always at work.

The material make of the knife blade is a consideration of how many times you can sharpen it. Steel is known to make the best blades and their weight and material composure makes it easy to have a sharp edge. You should also consider stainless appliances to avoid rusting which is unhygienic.

 Smith’s edge pro electric sharpener

This is one of the best knife sharpener in yes of safety, iys ability to select the angle at which you are to sharpen your knife blade is very important. Different knivies have different sharpening angle and therefore to maintain a proper make of the knife should be sharpened with the factory angle made eif the blade. This sharper had a knob that helps in adjusting the blade while sharpening. It’s flexibility gets any blade back into shape

The chefs choice angle select

It sharpens one side of the blade at a time giving a maximum sharpening. With the help of a sharpening guide anyone can sharpen the knife. This sharpener has the capacity to sharpen steel blades making it one of the best in the market today. Various metals have different grade of strength and thus this type of sharpener works well with all metal blades. The lighter the blade the more it is prone to wearing.

Chefs choie 15 trizor XV edge select

The angle of this sharpener is 15 degree sharpening the most of European and Japanese blades. The first time sharpening removes the bluntness leaving your knife fully sharpened and sharp. It is the best for sharpening blades that are of strong steel or metal.

It usually has three stages namely

The blade angle of 15 degree enables clearing and removing the blunt material

The beveled edge

Stropping disc that finalises and smoorhens the edges and also sharpening your sterrated blades.

Depending with the sharpening equipment caution should be improvised to avoid injuries from cut the sharpening a double edge knife. The material make of the blades is also important as they signify the durability of these knives. Caution should always be taken regarding the storage if this sharp edged knife and also when washing this eliminates injuries and deep cuts which are painful and could result withdrawal of tasks.




Summertime can never go right without ice cream and nothing feels better than whipping your own homemade ice cream. In order to make tasty ice creams you will definitely need to invest in a best ice cream maker. An ice cream maker lets you control the quality of ingredients in your ice cream hence ensures that you get just what you want. It also helps you if you want to avoid additives or if you are watching your calorie intake. There are so many ice cream makers in the market and range in cost hence you can get confused on what machine to choose. Here is a guide on what machines you need to consider choosing based on quality.

Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Professional

This is an ice cream maker that I strongly recommend you invest in. It is quiet, easy to use and easy to clean and has various interesting features. It has an in-built freezer which lets you make ice cream whenever you feel like. It also has a lid that allows you to easily open and add ingredients or just watch the magic happen. It also a little bit cheaper as it goes for around $231.60 but this does not compromise quality.

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker could just not miss among the best. This ice cream maker has a built-in compressor that chills the bowl immediately hence saves on time and makes you have your ice cream any time you need it. It also features three settings for texture letting you to easily choose whether you want your ice cream soft or firm and no matter what setting you choose the end product is perfect all the time. This machine also has a clear lid on the top of the tank which allows you to watch as your ice cream is making. It goes for around $400 but don’t let the price scare you away because with this machine, quality is guaranteed.

Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yoghurt- Ice Cream Maker

This machine from Cuisinart is a must in your summer shopping list. This machine will save you on time as it is easier to use and it takes about 20 minutes and your ice will be ready. This ice cream maker is the quietest machine you can have; with it you can watch TV comfortably while the machine is churning. It has a large capacity makes up to 1-1/2 quarts hence you can easily treat your friends to ice. It also has an Easy lock transparent lid with large spout that makes it easy for you to open and add ingredients whenever you need to. You just can’t afford to ignore this great machine!

For those who love ice cream passionatly, this ice cream maker review will help you choose the best ice cream make. You don’t have to struggle with choosing the best brand, you can chose one among the ones stated herein.


Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

It is hard to cook rice perfectly. Rice can be undercooked or overcooked and a person may not even realize it. The Fuzzy logic rice cooker can change all of this. This cooker will help a person make the perfect bowl of rice every time.

The Fuzzy logic is one of the best rice cookers on the market. This cooker uses computer chips that will adjust cooking time and temperature to help a person cook rice perfectly. This cooker uses mathematical theory to heat the rice to the correct temperature.

According to rice cooker reviews the Fuzzy logic is easy to use and can be used to cook many different types of rice. There are different features to cook white or brown rice. It is also programmable to steam the rice or to keep it warm when it is done cooking. This device can also cook meat or vegetables in same machine as the rice. This is great for one pot meals. There is a 15 hour delay timer for those that want dinner to cook while they are at work.

To use the Fuzzy Logic rice cooker all a person has to do is use the measuring cup and recipe book to add the correct amount of rice and water. They then set the timer and by the time dinner is going to be served the rice will be cooked perfectly.

This rice cooker is great for making an entire meal. The meat and the vegetables can cook at same time as the rice and they will both come out perfect. The rice can also be cooked as a side dish.

The Fuzzy Logic rice cooker uses the latest in technology to cook rice perfectly each and every time. This rice cooker will make sure the rice comes out tender and not hard. It will help ensure that the cook makes the perfect rice to serve to their guests or their loved ones.


The Best French Press Coffee Maker

A French press, cafetiere, coffee plunger or coffee pot. Many different names for the same device that adds class and culture to the regular cup of coffee.

Thought to be invented in the 1800s, this infamous coffee maker was not patented and embraced until the late 1920s where an enterprising Italian man took it on and made numerous improvements to the design. Consisting of a narrow beaker/pot that is often made of either glass, plastic or metal, the press also has a lid and a plunger or rod attached to a fine metal mesh which is used to push and filter the coffee downwards.

In recent years, the coffee plunger has had many makeovers, as the device is brought out at the end of dinner parties as an attractive means to have a social coffee between friends.

It is not just aesthetics that attract people to these presses, however. By immersing the ground coffee in amongst the hot water, more of the coffees flavor can be absorbed and infused, leading to a fresher, better tasting cup of the good stuff. When compared to a coffee percolator (or coffee dripper), the cafetiere coffee provides a much more appealing cup of coffee.

More recently, bars and restaurants have started to adopt the French press to serve coffee. It has very little overhead (cleaning and filling with coffee), and gives the drinker a sense of sophistication when topping off a meal.

So what should be on your lookout when buying a best french press coffee maker? Most importantly is a good seal between the side of the beaker and the mesh press, which ensures that no extra grains escape into your cup of coffee when it is time to pour it. Most often, the more established brands (e.g. Bodum, La Cafatiere) offer a sturdy build and quality, and you can be sure to get a good seal. You should also watch out for good insulating material for the beaker, so as the coffee not cooling too quickly as you are steeping the grounds.

One word of advice when enjoying the fruits of your French press is that even when you are enjoying your first cup, the coffee is still steeping in the left over water – so if you were planning on pouring out another cup or two, you do not want to wait too long.



Coffee is one drink that you can have the way you want. You can actually have different types of coffee depending on the type of coffee beans, how you brew your coffee, how you add milk to it among other factors. If you love espresso then you must be aware that espresso is all about flavor and caffeine. All in all, there is no such experience as getting to brew your own espresso and doing so needs you to invest in a coffee making machine. It can be such a challenging task to choose the best espresso machine and that is why I have decided to bring to your knowledge the best machines that you can buy and not regret it.


  1. Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso/ Cappuccino maker (ECMP50)

This coffee maker is very easy to use and has a detailed user manual hence convenient even for beginners. It also has a very compact design and features a thermal block heater, which heats water so fast and evenly in that, you do not have to wait for too long for your espresso to be ready. It has a frothing tube that steams and froths the milk fabulously hence producing delicious espressos. This machine is very easy to clean since most of the parts that need to be cleaned are detachable. With Mr. Coffee ECMP50, you are sure to get great tasting espresso that will make your neighbors knock at your door.



  1. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

This machine is durable, easy to use and goes for less than $ 1000 while at the same time guarantees you good quality espresso. It has a 12-ounce boiler which helps to filter and distribute the water more evenly hence provides maximum heat stability. This machine is also very high quality for price; all its parts are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and cast iron, which guarantee you its durability. It only takes about 20 minutes to prepare your espresso using this machine hence it saves on time.



  1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This is the best home espresso machine. This home espresso machine is very easy to use and will surely make the best cappuccinos, lattes and espressos ever. It features an integrated conical burr grinder that reduces the time between grinding and extraction hence saving you on time while on the same time ensuring you have very fresh coffee. This machine also has a built-in Proportional- Integral-Derivative temperature control which works to ensure that you make consistent shots and eventually delicious drinks. Its grind size adjustments, water temperature controls and the ability to choose the extractions make this machine actually stand out of the rest. This machine has a very attractive design and will surely get you good quality coffee yet it goes for just about $ 700.